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As Russell is wrapping up his final weeks here at school, I can’t help but think about our past 6.5 years together. From college to graduation, from graduation to getting married, from getting married to moving to Florida, from moving to Florida to starting grad-school, and from grad-school to now; finally wrapping up grad-school, graduating, and preparing to move. There have been so many ups and downs during these past several years, but most importantly, there has been so much growth- growth we have done together and growth we have done apart. It’s crazy to look back at how far we’ve both come.

As this next chapter nears, we find ourselves frequently talking about finally being able to move and live in a state that feels like home. We talk about being close to family, starting a practice and finding a home that we can make our own. This next chapter has been so highly anticipated that it almost seems surreal, especially that we are now also planning for a baby- A BABY. Holy guac, it’s been quite the journey together and I am now realizing it’s only getting started.

I am grateful everyday that we chose to do this life together. I’m grateful that we insert ourselves into every aspect of each others individual lives because we want to. We want to do the good and the bad, together. And although it can make our journey a little more messy, chaotic, fast-paced, unplanned, and difficult, it also makes it so much more beautiful and perfect. If these past 6.5 years have taught me one thing, it is that God truly does bring people, places and moments into your life that are far better than you could have ever imagined for yourself.


[some snippets of our at-home photography session done by the talented: E.M. Anderson Photography]











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